Washaw Sibi Eeyou

The River That Runs Into the Bay

The Washaw Sibi Eeyou has a distinct history and a vision to establish a new tenth (10th) Cree First Nation community within Eeyou Istchee.

We, the Cree people of Washaw Sibi have an inherent right to implement our plan to build a new community for our members. We have a right to govern ourselves and to have a home where we can ensure the survival and health of our people, our language, and our culture.

New Village

As we have explained previously, we have concluded offers to conditionally purchase several plots of land to increase our options for site selection. All of these plots are well within the boundaries of what was chosen by the community members as acceptable sites for the future village in our site selection referendum held in May of 2007. Your leadership is continuing to work in accordance with the community wishes to have a new village within the city limits of Amos.

For the purposes of moving forward with the rezoning process we have selected sites along the Harricana River as the most suitable site for village construction. We will soon be undertaking detailed technical analyses of this location as well as other sites for which we have made offers to purchase so that we can finally select the most appropriate site. We will keep the community informed on this important issue as there are developments.

The Process for the Final Selection of a Site for the Future Washaw Sibi Village

In the Spring of 2008, the Washaw Sibi community members decided, through a referendum, to locate the new village within the boundaries of the Town of Amos. Various potential sites were identified and explored as to their availability and their suitability.

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Washaw Sibi Eeyou Association: Vision Statement

We the Cree peoples of Washaw Sibi will take full responsibility for our future and the future of our children by returning to our traditional territories by choosing a site near a river or a lake where there is abundant fresh water and by establishing a community plan based on our intrinsic values. We will follow our traditions, our culture, our language and our worldview.

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